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Habakkuk 2:2

Write the vision…
That he may run who reads it.


What They Are Saying

  • I have felt heard, acknowledged, encouraged and validated in every conversation. Your questions, encouragement and patience reflect your coaching skill expertise. I felt safe on each call, meaning that I could be vulnerable in all that I shared knowing you would not judge, nor prescribe, nor make me feel as if I did not measure up, or that I failed. Even though we are from different worlds, I never, ever felt like you did not understand.
    ~ Julie
  • Leanne, thanks so much for all the valuable and deeply meaningful times we have had together. I appreciate you and your gift.
    ~ Claire
  • Loved being coached by you, Leanne! You ask such great questions and engage so well. I've been really blessed and am excited for what's ahead for you!
    ~ Jay
  • Leanne, thanks for a wonderfully thoughtful breakthrough session. You helped me better see what I'm truly capable of, based on my unique experiences, perspective and gifts. I appreciate your questions, views and expertise. Many, many thanks.
    ~ Jean
  • You have been instrumental in a very big transformation.
    ~ Michael
  • Thank you. Literally brought tears to my eyes. You don’t know how much it means for someone to care :)
    ~ Ashley
  • Leanne has a very powerful and authentic way of helping people discover their hidden strengths and encouraging them to take practical steps forward. I’m always blessed, inspired and re-energized after talking to her. It’s like my dreams and goals start to make sense again.  
    ~ Patricia M.

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